Proven ways to monetize your WordPress skills in 2023

WordPress skills

Right now, the WordPress market is booming. And while you might expect that to lead to a glut of freelance developers, there’s actually an incredible shortage of Word Press experts who know how to work with this CMS. That means that people are willing to pay top dollar for someone who can meet their needs. And all you need is a little bit of education and practice! Here are some proven ways I’ve found success in monetizing my WordPress skills:

1) Offer your services

Define your skills. What are the services that you can offer? Do you have a background in web design, or do you know how to write great content? Are you an excellent project manager who knows how to deliver projects on time with high-quality results?

Define the market you are targeting. Who would benefit from having access to these services? Are there many small businesses needing help with their websites but cannot afford an expensive agency’s services? Or is it large enterprises that need their existing websites redesigned so they can keep up with their competitors’ digital marketing strategies (and budgets)?

Define your value proposition: What makes working with you better than working with any freelancer or agency? How will this benefit them directly in terms of ROI (return on investment)? What kind of impact do they expect from hiring someone like yourself rather than doing everything themselves–or worse yet not doing anything at all!

2) Write an e-book

The second way to monetize your WordPress skills is by writing an e-book.

E-books are a great way to make money online because they offer you the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise in a very convenient format that people can access anywhere, at any time. In fact, according to research by Viget in 2018, 92% of consumers prefer reading eBooks over printed books!

If writing an entire book seems like too much work for now (and it might), consider writing shorter content instead: “mini” eBooks or even blog posts would also be great ways to earn some extra cash. The important thing is that whatever form they take, these products should help others solve problems related to WordPress development while also providing value for them as customers – which means making sure that every single piece of content has been thoroughly researched beforehand so there’s no room left for questions later on down the line when someone buys from you again later on down their journey towards becoming an expert developer themselves someday soon.”

3) Create a membership site

A membership site is a website that offers access to exclusive content, services, and resources to its members.

Membership sites are one of the most popular ways for WordPress users to make money online. They’re easy to create, and they can be monetized through several different methods, such as:

  • Upsells or down sells – This involves offering an upgrade or downgrade from your basic membership package at an additional cost (usually on top of what you’ve already paid). For example, if someone buys a $10/month subscription and then wants access to some extra features, they might have to pay $30/month instead of just $20 more per month like they would have done previously; however, this method can help you increase profits if done right!
  • Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products on your website as an affiliate marketer, which means if someone buys through your link, both parties benefit from each sale made between them.

4) Start a podcast or YouTube channel

Podcasting and YouTube are two great ways to build your brand, but they can also be used as marketing tools to promote your other services. If you want to monetize your skills and make money from WordPress, podcasts and YouTube channels are a good place to start.

Podcasting is a great way of building trust with potential clients because it allows them to see who you are as an expert in their industry. You can talk about topics that relate directly back to what they do or have done before so that when it comes time for them hiring someone like yourself for something else related, like web design services or SEO work, then they will already feel comfortable knowing exactly what kind of value they’ll get from working with someone like yourself since now everything feels familiar thanks largely due because podcasting allows listeners/viewers access into our lives outside work environments too; thus helping build stronger relationships between both parties involved!

5) Simply launch a blog and let the world know about it

A common way to monetize your WordPress skills is by creating your own blog. With a blog, you can share your expertise with other people and make money by selling ads or affiliate links on the site.

If you are serious about making money from blogging, then there are some things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Create useful content – The first step towards creating a successful website is having valuable content on it which solves problems for readers and gives them something they want in return for visiting the site (i.e., solving their problem). If people find what they’re looking for after browsing through all of your posts, then there’s a good chance that these same readers will come back again sometime soon!


We live in a world with many opportunities to make money online, but you must know what works best for you and your WordPress skillset. Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on some possible ways that could work well for your situation. We wish you all the best in making these ideas into reality!