Most Important Meta Tags You Should Know

Meta tags on a mobile phone

Meta tags are code added to a website’s HTML head section. These tags are not visible to the user, but search engines can see them. Let’s go through the most important meta tags for SEO purposes in the following content.

Title Tag

The Title Tag is the first thing the search engines see and is the key factor in ranking your site. The Title Tag should be short but include the keywords you want to rank for.

Description Tag

Description tags are a short description of your website that appears under the title tag in search engine results. Including a unique description for each page is essential since the exact copy will appear on every result for that page. 

Open Graph Tags

Open Graph tags are used to mark up web pages in a way that indicates what type of content they contain. This is important because it allows Facebook and other platforms to better understand the purpose of your page, which leads to more accurate recommendations for users.

You can use Open Graph tags on your website and social media properties. Still, they’re more widely accepted on social media sites due to their popularity on major platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

If you want your content displayed adequately on these networks, including open graph tags is essential!

Twitter Cards Meta Tags

Twitter cards can be used to attach metadata to Tweets. The metadata includes a summary, an image, and a link.

This is great for you because it will help promote your website, improve your SEO and advertise your products on Twitter.

Meta tags are important for websites

Meta tags are important for search engines, social media, user experience, and more.

They were initially introduced to improve the search engine ranking of websites at the time. They are still used by Google today and help with SEO (search engine optimization). 

Using meta keywords would increase your website’s rank in search results when a keyword was used in this manner. 

Today they have become obsolete because Google has integrated keywords directly into their algorithm instead of using meta keywords as a factor to determine where you should rank in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Although many believe that Google no longer uses meta keywords for indexing purposes and ranking pages on a SERP, this is not entirely true. 

While it does not directly affect how well your page will rank, it can still improve the user experience when accessing content from these pages via search engines like Bing or Yahoo!


Meta tags are important for websites. They help search engines understand your site and provide valuable data to social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. You must include these tags on your pages if you want people to find your content and click on it. Do you like our articles? Try sending us some of your own!