Best Email Outreach Tool List in 2023

Email outreach tool list

Outreach is an important part of any sales strategy. It’s how you get in front of the decision-makers at companies that might be interested in your product or service and how you convince them to take action when they’re not ready yet. That said, reaching out to people isn’t always easy—and it gets even harder if you have a lot of leads to follow up on. That’s why we’ve put together an email outreach tool list that will make your job easier by taking some of the legwork out of your hands:


Mailshake is a powerful email outreach tool that helps you find and reach out to influencers, journalists, and bloggers. It allows you to manage your outreach campaigns. With its easy-to-use interface, you can 

  • create lists of contacts by keyword, company name, or job title; 
  • view emails sent; 
  • receive daily reports on the status of each campaign; 
  • track responses through a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system; 
  • add notes directly into emails sent; 
  • set up templates for quick response rate optimization; 
  • and schedule follow-up reminders at predefined intervals.

Mailshake is also great for finding contacts in specific industries because it has an extensive database with over 700 million unique profiles, including people who have been featured in major publications like Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur magazine, as well as thousands of other media companies around the world such as The Wall Street Journal or TechCrunch – perfect for marketers looking for high-quality leads!


Pitchbox is an email outreach tool that helps you manage your prospecting and sales efforts. With this tool, you can track leads, get insights into their behavior, and send targeted emails with the help of its built-in CRM system.

Pitchbox also has a feature called Smart Outreach which will help you determine the best time to reach out to your prospects by automatically sending scheduled follow-up emails based on their response rates or other engagement signals


OutreachPlus is a powerful email outreach tool that helps you find, organize and send emails to prospects and customers. You can create an email campaign with OutreachPlus by searching for your contacts or importing them from a CSV file. OutreachPlus has a built-in CRM to track all your interactions with prospects and customers in one place. When you open the app, it shows you the most important information about each person:

  • Their name
  • Company details (like job title)
  • Contact details (phone number and email address)
  • Notes from previous communications with them

OutreachPlus’s advanced filtering system makes it easy to find relevant contacts for any specific project or campaign. The app allows users to filter through contacts based on criteria such as location (countries), industry type (such as “services” or “manufacturing”), and whether they’re part of an organization such as LinkedIn Groups or Facebook Pages…


ResponseSource is a B2B marketing automation platform that helps you generate leads and increase sales through email, social and mobile marketing. This platform has over 1,000 pre-built email templates to help you get started.

You can also create custom automated campaigns using its drag-and-drop editor or choose from one of its ready-made templates. The platform offers various tools like triggers (i.e., when someone opens an email or clicks on a link), lead scoring, drip campaigns, and web forms so that your sales team gets the most accurate information possible at each stage of the conversion process.


FindThatLead is a lead generation platform that allows you to find and filter leads based on their location, industry, company size, and more. It also allows you to export your leads into a CSV file.

It is a paid service, but there’s a free trial available, so it won’t cost you anything until you decide to sign up for the paid plan.


AeroLeads is a powerful email outreach tool that helps you find, contact, and schedule meetings with your target prospects.

It helps you find the right people to reach out to at the right time. And it’s easy to use − as soon as you enter a company name into the search bar, AeroLeads brings up all relevant contact details within seconds.

You can filter your searches by industry, location, or job function (marketing manager versus sales manager). The platform then provides a list of emails in alphabetical order so that you can easily choose who to reach out to next without having to scroll through long lists of names or attachments on LinkedIn profiles.


In conclusion, we can all agree that email marketing is still an important tool for businesses. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and win them before they see your product or service. But with so many options available today, it can be hard to know which ones are worth trying out first. Hopefully, this list has helped you narrow down some of those choices!